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Veterinary Services


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Dentistry In St. Louis, MO

Just as it’s important for you to see a dentist regularly, it’s important for dogs and cats as well. Your pet’s oral health is directly connected to their overall health. Signs of dental disease include bad breath, loose, broken, or missing teeth, yellow or brown teeth, red, inflamed, or bleeding gums, difficulty or pain when chewing, pawing at the mouth, and excessive drooling. If you notice any of these symptoms, please contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.

Dental care starts at wellness visits, when we evaluate your pet’s teeth and mouth as part of a comprehensive physical exam. If we have concerns our veterinarians may recommend a dental procedure for your pet.


  • Pre-Anesthetic exam and diagnostics (bloodwork, chest radiographs if indicated)
  • Anesthesia with monitoring by a registered veterinary technician
  • A thorough oral examination while your pet is under anesthesia
  • Full mouth dental radiographs
    • These allow us to visualize the portion of the tooth that is below the gumline, as well as surrounding bone
  • Examination of each tooth for damage, discoloration, periodontal pockets or other disease
  • Surgical extraction of diseased, infected, or damaged teeth
  • Sealing and bonding damaged teeth as indicated
  • Removal or biopsy of masses if indicated
  • Professional scaling and polishing of all teeth
  • Instructions regarding at-home care