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When I adopted my new dog in 2020 a member of the rescue recommended Hillside and we are SO grateful they did! From the initial visit the staff has gone out of their way to care for us. Kind, compassionate, and thorough with all advice – especially when answering my panicky emails/calls after the new guy binged on pretty much everything from our kitchen counter. In October I inherited a senior cat after a family death and the staff at Hillside were so helpful and supportive in getting her up to date on care. The online pharmacy is super convenient and they offer a ton of discounts; plus I know it is a trustworthy source. I also appreciate all of their COVID protocols and precautions. Thank you Hillside staff – you are all amazing!
E. Smith

Took my senior dog for a check up and shots. First time at this vet. Was very impressed with the services received and pricing.
Geegee G.

Outstanding! I switched vets to Hillside a year ago and the difference is remarkable. With every staff member from customer service to the doctors – the communication, attentive listening and compassion conveyed, is of the highest possible level.
Elaine E.

Wow, I can’t express how thankful I am to Hillside Animal Hospital. I was in the process of moving across country with my dog who has Addison’s and we were struggling to give her a reoccurring monthly injection. Hillside was able to see me on very short notice and help administer the injection. I was incredibly impressed with their level of service and the kindness they showed to me and my clearly very nervous dog. I wish I lived in the area, I would make Hillside my permanent vet if I did.
Stephen J.

My dog has been a patient at Hillside for 6 months, since April 2021. We have gotten to work with Dr. Brittney, Dr. Aaron, and Dr. Anna. All have been kind, compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable.

Before becoming a client, I emailed Hillside to inquire about what scented products they use in the building, as I have chemical allergies. Dr. Aaron was very caring and open to learning about the topic and how to help. They have implemented changes to reduce fragrance use and thus increase accessibility. This is extremely rare among veterinary practices and I am so thankful!

Dr. Brittney spent a long time with my dog at his new patient appointment to go over all the concerns I had and then even more time with me on the phone to answer all my questions. The various client services staff and technicians I have worked with (including Jessica and Meagan) have also been friendly and helpful.

My dog is older and has multiple health issues, so I frequently email the Hillside doctors to ask for information and advice on how to care for him. All of my many questions have been answered promptly, patiently, clearly, and with great attention to detail. So far my dog has received two procedures involving anesthesia, including abdominal surgery, and both have gone very well.

I am very glad to be a client here. Thank you, Hillside.

Soren H.

I generally dislike vets. Too many bad experiences in my oldest dog Roscoe’s early days, at a number of different vets, are the cause. But Roscoe’s got some old age stuff goin’ on that necessitated a couple trips to the vet recently and luckily enough we got to deal with Dr. Brittney. She was awesome, and I won’t hesitate to take my youngest dog to Hillside when she’s due for a visit.
Pete P.

The staff is always friendly and patient l. The Vets are wonderful and take their time with my girl. We have been a part of the Hillside family for almost 3 years now and will be staying. Shylo’s favorite part is the treats of course😉
Joice C.