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AVMF's Charitable Fund

Through the American Veterinary Medical Foundation’s Veterinary Care Charitable Fund, Hillside Animal Hospital is able to help animals rescued from abuse and neglect and the pets of clients facing personal hardships.

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AVMF’s Charitable Fund

This program was created to support veterinarians who provide medical services to the lost, neglected, and abused animals that find their way into our hospital. The program also allows us to care for animals in our community when their owners face extraordinary hardships.

We invite you to support us in this new endeavor by making a donation to the AVMF to support our charitable work. The AVMF is the charitable arm of our professional membership organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association. The AVMF has been helping veterinarians help animals for more than 50 years.

Your tax-deductible donations to the AVMF on behalf of our hospital will help us help animals. Click on the AVMF donate button to make your tax deductible donation.