Well, you’ve probably noticed by now that we have a brand new website! This is a big update at Hillside, and we’re excited! We decided to update our website and offerings for several reasons.

  1. It’s 2016. Information is available at the click of a button from around the world, especially on mobile phones. We pride ourselves on following the latest advances in medicine, but we wanted to provide our clients with the latest advances in convenience too! Our new site is mobile-friendly and offers you more functionality.
  2. You’ll notice that our new site offers many new handy features for you as a pet owner. You can now make an appointment online, fill out new client and some pet condition questionnaires online, and even order your pet’s medication and food! All from the comfort of your own couch 24/7, probably snuggled up to that cute patient we love seeing!
  3. The biggest feature is the new Petly site. Petly is your pet’s story all in one place online! It’s fun, it’s yours, and best of all, it’s free! We hope to have Petly up and running within the next two weeks. Once it’s live, you’ll be able to sign in to your pet’s Petly account to access photos, health information, appointment reminders, and more! It looks a little like this
  4. With many of our patients being active at doggie daycare, dog parks, grooming, training, and other activities, we wanted you to have access to vaccine information and health stats wherever and whenever you need them. As soon as Petly goes live, you’ll be able to log in and access your account, plus set your preferences on how you’d like to receive reminders from us- now even via text if you’d like!
  5. We’re also looking forward to the opportunity to hear from you. We have a new contact form allowing you to email us directly, and you can also share feedback with us with our brand new survey.

We’re excited about all of these new changes, and appreciate your patience as we learn the ropes. While we’re getting used to all these new bells and whistles online, we’re still the same Hillside here at the clinic. Hopefully, these changes make connecting with us even easier and make pet ownership a little more convenient! Let us know what you think next time you’re in!

–The Hillside team