What is a veterinary technician? By definition, a veterinary technician is a health care worker who is skilled in technical aspects of veterinary medicine and works as a professional assistant to a veterinarian or to any of various types of researchers and scientists. But, if you were to ask me, I’d tell you they are six-armed superheroes.

What does a veterinary technician do? A vet tech’s job is not limited to assisting doctors. Vet techs are trained to keep veterinary hospitals running smoothly. In addition to their nursing duties, they act as advocates for patients, phlebotomists, radiology/laboratory technicians, and anesthesia/surgery technicians.

Hillside Animal Hospital is happy to offer veterinary technician (vet tech) appointments for routine care and vaccines. We know time is valuable, and a doctor’s visit isn’t always necessary. A skilled veterinary technician from our team can administer vaccines (excluding rabies), administer injectable or oral medications when you are unable to at home, perform anal gland expression and nail trims, draw blood/and run lab tests requested by our doctors, and provide emotional support to our clients.

How do I schedule a tech appointment? As long as one of our doctors has seen your pet within the last six months (for vaccines) to 1 year (other services), you can call our office to schedule Monday-Saturday.

Jump over to our staff page to get to know our technicians. We look forward to seeing you!

– By Meagan, RVT, Practice Manager